Sunrise on the Maroon Bells, COMoon in the purple Belt of
          Venus at Vedauwoo WY


For Better Photos Involving the Sun and Moon

The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire. – Pamela Hansford Johnson

The Moon for all her light and grace
Has never learned to know her place. – Robert Frost

Notice:  Heavenly-Opportunity is no longer supported or for sale.  It was a good run while it lasted, but nicely supplanted by other programs that perform similar functions.  Depending on your particular needs and skills, one or more of the following will likely work well for you:
Best wishes on your photography, and enjoy – and appreciate – the natural world around you.  And thanks to all who helped with H-O along the way!

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Program Overview

Do you want to be prepared when you visit a new photo location? Want to plan your trip to catch the full rising moon? Heavenly-Opportunity will help you find the best times and best places to take photos that involve sunrise/sunset or moonrise/moonset, or best yet, combinations of the two. The program accurately predicts the times of rise and set, their position on the horizon, the phase of the moon, and lets you search for just the right combinations to compose that shot you've been looking for – the Heavenly-Opportunity.

Top Features

There are many tools available on the World Wide Web that do part of what Heavenly-Opportunity can do, and some offer great features that HO cannot do.  But no commercial tools offer the great search features to truly help put you in the right place at the right time. Luck will always play a strong role in photography, but Heavenly-Oppurtunity can certainly increase your chances of getting what you are looking for.

What Users Have Said About Heavenly-Opportunity

Glenn Randall does it again, with a little help from Heavenly Opportunity!  In the June 2014 Outdoor Photographer in his article Chasing Rainbows, Glenn shows how to cleverly dissect one of photography's little mysteries to come up with an insightful, practical and workable solution.  Glenn is a full-time freelance photographer and writer.  In his career he has accumulated well over 900 photo credits, including 60 covers, and sold over 10,000 prints.  He was the sole photographer for two books of landscape photos, Rocky Mountain National Park Impressions and Colorado Wild & Beautiful, both published by Farcountry Press.  Glenn says: "Heavenly-Opportunity is crucial to my work as a landscape photographer.  I would no more leave home without a Heavenly-Opportunity printout of complete sun and moon data for each day I am on location than I would leave home without cameras, lenses and tripods."  Glenn further highlights the use of Heavenly-Opportunity in the canyonlands in the December, 2008 issue of Outdoor Photographer magazine.  Click on the following links to see remarkable examples of Glenn's use of Heavenly-Opportunity on both moon and sun shots: Full Moon Through Delicate Arch, South Window Through Turret Arch, or Landscape Arch with Sunstar.  Also see his new (November 2000) article in Outdoor Photographer, X Marks the Spot.  See more of Glenn's work at

Allan Northcutt, nature photography instructor: "The program stimulates you to imagine more sun/moon photo possibilities than ever before. That's what got me hooked."

Mike MacDonald (Mike MacDonald Photography): "Given all the stuff in this program, I doubt I'll ever need a similar program again."

B.L.: "The installation process was simple and effective. No problems."

Bob Johnson (Earthbound Light): "The search capability is incredible" taking this class of programs "a huge step further."  This is "a great program and one that offers unique and innovative features, just when I thought everything that could be done with this sort of application had already been done." See Bob's review for more.

Alan Havlicek (President, Photogenesis Camera Club, Naperville IL, and photo tour guide for LightChase Photography): "I want to use your program because it allows me to get the data without an Internet connection, so I can use the program on a laptop at any location I might be."

Jeff Conrad, author of several similar programs in the course of chasing the moon: "Not all moons are created equal.  Heavenly Opportunity makes it easy to find those that represent the best photo opportunities.  Any landscape photographer who is serious about capturing the sun or moon can't afford to be without it."

Frank Ciccone: "[I] read about your program in Outdoor Photographer and immediately went to your Web address to order. Have just started using the program and find I am now able to replace the 5 tables I used to have to create, print out and refer to (Sun Rise/Set, Moon Rise/Set, Civil Twilight Begin/End, Nautical Twilight Begin/End and Astronomical Twilight Begin/End) in order to get just a fraction of the functionality and convenience I now have with your program. My town is listed in Heavenly-Opportunity's database, so I no longer have to remember my town's latitude and longitude. [I am] an avid photographer who wishes to capture a good landscape shot in the "sweet light" of early dawn or twilight with the full moon in just the right location.  The more I explore Heavenly-Opportunity the more I realize it is exactly what I was looking for!  I don't even need the calendar I used to need with the old tables I used. You are to be praised at being so thorough!  Best Regards from a Very Happy Customer/Photographer."

Paul Puckett: "Thought you might like to see one of the first opportunities that H-O provided me with. I was standing in the exact spot I needed to be (with info from H-O) just before the moon came up  to get this pic in this link.  Thanks again for a great program..."

Jim Griggs: "I downloaded, registered and started using your software a couple of years ago.  I have to say this is excellent software and does a magnificent job of getting my tripod in the right place at the right time.  So far I have used the software in Utah, Kansas, Oklahoma, Washington, New Mexico and Arizona and it is dead on perfect.  Here's one of mine:"

Griggs moon

Photographer George Brown: "If I want to include shots of the moon at different phases and at what time, you take care of that, too.  This was critical information to have when I was at Seneca Rocks, West Virginia, last month and was trying to get the moon in the notch of the rock.  Your program helped me get it.  And when I am scouting for possible backlit shots, well, your program shines again as I can really get a feel in advance for what I envision the scene to be."

Andre Gunther, "You do not have to be a magician to put the moon where you want it in your pictures." in a web tutorial about one way to marry H-O with Google Earth.

Screen Shots

Main Screen
Heavenly-Opportunity’s main screen set to display what is happening at Everglades National Park in Florida on January 24, 2004.

Search Screen
Heavenly-Opportunity’s search screen set to look throughout the next two years for days when the moon is just a sliver (phase between 1 and 10 percent), with the moon's position on the horizon (measured in degrees from north, called the azimuth) between 180° and 270°, and with the moonset occurring within 90 minutes after sunset.

Results Screen
Heavenly-Opportunity’s results screen listing eight days in the years searched that matched all search criteria used for Everglades National Park.  The image shows the time, azimuth (Az) and how full the moon is (Phase).

Daily Details Screen
Heavenly-Opportunity’s Daily Details screen listing solar and lunar positions throughout one particular day for Everglades National Park.  Note that both azimuth (Az) and altitude (Alt, degrees above the horizon) are given in addition to the moon's phase.

Shareware Agreement

Heavenly-Opportunity is copyrighted and distributed by Fossil Creek Software. All rights are reserved, but the program is available as shareware with a non-exclusive license. This software is fully functional; there are no disabled features until after the 30-day trial period.. 

Purchasers are granted the right to make as many copies of the program and documentation as necessary for their personal use. Permission is also granted, indeed encouraged, to distribute copies of the program or documentation to any other party using whatever means you wish as long as the program and documentation remain unmodified and your personal key is not distributed. This permission includes posting on personal or commercial web sites, bundling with electronic newsletters, and similar broadcast methods.

Download Latest Version

Heavenly-Opportunity has recently been upgraded to Version 3, which builds on previous versions to collectively:

   * Add viewing of details throughout the day (down to the minute if you want it), not just horizon-specific events
   * Start-up fast with a connection to the same large 30,000+ location database
   * Provide selection of locations by state, then place within state
   * Support place selection by typing the first few (or all of the) characters in the place name
   * Auto-load your last saved favorite location (and remembers up to nine favorites)
   * Make it easy to open any saved location by double-clicking one of Heavenly-Opportunity's parameter files in the WindowsTM Explorer view
   * Turn off azimuth correction for magnetic declination if using map products with true north
   * Improve accuracy and text readability on the printed page
   * Supply context-sensitive help
   * ... and numerous small cosmetic changes

Both the latest version of the Heavenly-Opportunity program for WindowsTM and its fun-to-read, 22-page documentation may be downloaded. If you have a previous version of Heavenly-Opportunity installed on your computer, please uninstall it before downloading this version. Then create a new temporary folder, and download into and run the program below within that new folder to extract the required installation files.  Finally, run the SETUP application that you will find in the folder to  install Heavenly-Opportunity on your computer.  Be sure to keep any libraries than are newer than those distributed with H-O by responding with "Keep" or "Ignore" as appropriate during the installation process.  If you have any difficulty, see the Q&A Log for more download details.

Please refer to the Shareware Agreement for licensing information and Payment Options for cost.

Notes:    1) Heavenly-Opportunity has been designed for Microsoft WindowsTM operating systems (95 or newer) and works best with a screen resolution of at least 800×600, or even better at 1024x768.  Sorry, there is no Mac version.
                2) Also see Q&A Log for answers to user questions.
                3) NOTE that automatic magnetic declination correction is no longer supported.  Please see the explanation.

© 2014 by Fossil Creek Software, All Rights Reserved